Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was not quiet on H Dock last night! There was still a lot of conversation and music going on at 1:30 am and it may have gone on even longer than that. Maureen and Lucy coped by turning on the fan in the stateroom which helped to cover up some of the racket. Shortly after 6:30 am, a good rain began – no wind or thunder and lightning, just steady rain. Gale called around 8 am to report that he and the folks were near Waterloo, IA, and thinking about stopping for breakfast before they woke Kelle up in Iowa City to deliver the television. Gale estimated they would be arriving in Alton by 3 pm.

Lucy and Maureen stayed on the boat most of the morning while the rain continued to fall. New “Loopers” arrived to replace the ones that had taken off this morning. Talking to some of those folks it sounded like they had experienced the rain but also a lot of lightning and thunder to go along with it. The rain ended around noon, but the sky remained overcast.

Gale arrived back at the marina at 3 pm after dropping off his mom and dad at the motel. He changed his clothes and we enjoyed a glass of wine together before going to the motel to bring Gale and Mary back to see Blue Heron. When everyone was aboard, we each had a cocktail and gave a quick tour of the boat before starting her up and heading out for a sunset cruise around the harbor. We were nestled into our slip again at 6:30 pm and then individually shuttled Gale and Mary down the dock and up to the parking lot in the wheelchair they’d brought from home. At 8 pm we found ourselves at Applebee’s for a little dinner and then dropped Mom and Dad back at the motel before returning to the boat for the night.


Mary said...

Wow, how great you brought your Mom and Dad down! Quite a drive I'd say!
Mary Mc

Anonymous said...

Great pixs to cherish years from now...enjoy them. I lost my dad in late July so know what all of a sudden they are not there feels like!!! That was so nice of u Gale to drive pickup your folks....u will never regret it. take care....looks like u guys r having a WONDERFUL time. my e-mail is TTYL. "It is all about the JOURNEY." :-)