Friday, October 14, 2011

Wed, Oct 5 to Thurs, Oct 6, 2011 – Ingrams Bayou in Alabama – mile 164.0 ICW

We were out of the Bon Secour River anchorage by 9 am and clear of Mobile Bay shortly thereafter. Traveling east on the ICW, we enjoyed a sunny morning with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and a very light northerly breeze. Our destination was Ingrams Bayou, only 15 miles away, where we had stayed once before back in the fall of 2009. We knew Dual Dreams had anchored there last night and was staying at least another day.


When we were about three miles from Ingrams Bayou, we received an email from Harriet and Mike on Dual Dreams saying that they were splashing the dinghy and going to do a little exploring before they stopped at Pirate’s Cove Marina for some lunch. We agreed to meet them at the restaurant as soon as we secured the boat and could get over there in our dinghy.


We were both looking forward to sharing a juicy hamburger since we’d been eating so much fish lately. Mike and Harriet were already at the restaurant and in the middle of their own lunch when we arrived. The battery on Harriet’s iPhone had died right after they sent us the earlier email so they didn’t know we were on our way. We had a couple of drinks with them and ordered a hamburger that didn’t disappoint.


During the afternoon, we relaxed on Blue Heron; Gale threw in a line or two and we simply enjoyed the day. For our evening meal, we grilled up the trout that had been given to us by the fisherman at Bon Secour.

Thursday was more of the same; fishing, reading and relaxing. Mike and Harriet pulled out of Ingrams Bayou in the late morning and headed to the anchorage at Ft McRae near Pensacola while we remained for another night, sharing the second night at anchor there with three other sailboats that arrived in the late afternoon.


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