Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 – Okatuppa Creek, mile 123.2 on the Tombigbee

Can't figure out why this posting won't land chronogically where it's supposed to.  Oh well, it's not that far out of order.  

 Overnight, there was no cloud cover and the stars were brilliant in the night sky. Along with the stars, we could see a lightning show north of our location that went on nonstop for hours. About 4:30 am, the clouds and the lightning finally arrived along with a good rain.

It remained overcast all morning but we didn’t experience any more rain. About 10 am, Gale set out to find the bass. After 45 minutes, he was back with four nice sized bass. Of course, the one that got away, was the biggest bass he’d ever had on the line.

 During the afternoon the sun tried to peek out but it was soon overwhelmed by the cloud cover.

We enjoyed a nice sunset as Gale prepared another wonderful fresh fish feast for dinner.

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