Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010 - Delaware City, DE

Maureen was up early and at the marina’s laundry room by 8:30 am. It had been nearly two weeks since we last had the opportunity to wash clothes at Don & Ally’s. While waiting, Maureen used her time to post photos to the blog as we tried to get everything updated before sending out our Loop Accomplishment announcement. Gale spent his morning trying to get caught up on emails and some writing he had wanted to do.

About 1 pm, we walked over to Kathy’s Crab House for some lunch. We noticed several patrons were served huge platters of crabs with sweet corn and other sides. Each table had a bucket and each diner had a wooden mallet. The tables were spread with butcher paper to make it easier for cleanup. Kathy’s serves All You Can Eat Maryland crabs all day, every day for $20 per person. We ordered a BLT and a cup of soup and promised to come back tomorrow to try the crabs – although, we won’t likely choose the All You Can Eat option!

A little more computer work in the afternoon and then another celebration dinner at Crabby Dick’s, with the shrimp and crab pasta entrée.

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