Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun, Jan 10, 2010 - Ft Myers Beach, FL

It was 33°F this morning and expected to be even colder tomorrow! Even though it was really too cold to do anything outside, Gale and Lucy did take the dinghy in before breakfast to get a gallon of gas for the generator and bring 5 gallons of fresh water back. We warmed the wonderful coffee cake that we’d purchased at Sun Harvest Citrus yesterday and enjoyed it with our coffee.

After straightening things up around the cabin, we worked on email, bills, budgets, the blog and other correspondence. In the afternoon, the sun had warmed the cockpit up into the 70’s and Maureen found it a wonderful place to relax with a pillow and a book. The chicken and rice casserole baking in the oven for dinner helped to keep the cabin warm in the evening.

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