Friday, January 22, 2010

Thurs, Jan 21, 2010 - Boca Grande, FL

It was a lovely morning to enjoy our coffee out on the deck. Lucy heard a rumble and soon we saw a seaplane land and pull up to the dock across the canal. In another ten minutes or so, the plane had collected its passengers, taxied out into the canal and taken off for other destinations. Ahhh -- just another day in the life . . .

After breakfast, we lowered the dinghy and set out to cruise the canals. We admired the many beautiful homes as well as the boats that went along with them. We saw many birds along the way including ibis, great blue heron, little blue heron, egrets and spoonbills.

After our tour, we pulled up to the public dock and tied off the dinghy for a walk into town.

Our first stop was the beach where we found some tiny shells to add to the collection on the boat. By then, we were getting hungry and decided to try The Loose Caboose for lunch.
The restaurant had an outdoor patio where Lucy was welcomed and given some treats. We shared a great reuben sandwich and watched the world go by for awhile.

Before leaving The Loose Caboose we asked our server to direct us to the second hand shop. Our friend Diane of s/v Faith had told us to be sure to check it out. She buys many of her clothes there since the items discarded by the ladies of Boca Grande are so nice. We found the shop but the sign showed the hours were 9 am to noon on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Another excursion to be saved for the next trip. We did step inside the Catholic Church, Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy, and lingered in the courtyard for a few moments. During our walk, we came upon Banyan Street where we saw many interesting banyan trees lining the road. Another highlight of our walk was the Boca Grande Lighthouse.

We strolled back toward the dock where we had left the dinghy, stopping first at the Pink Elephant to enjoy a cocktail before going home. We packed quite a bit of sightseeing into the day and felt like we had done a good job of touring Boca Grande.

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