Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

We were up by 6 am in order to take our showers, straighten things up around the boat and head up to the Farmers Market. We were trying to get all these things in before Craig and Dawn arrived to pick us up at 9 am for a day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. The Farmers Market was great – it had loads of produce, many sweet treats, hot items for breakfast or brunch, and a wide variety of other interesting offerings. We picked up some fresh produce, treats for the dogs and a wonderful sweet roll to share.

Craig and Dawn were waiting for us back at the marina when we arrived a few minutes after 9:00. The day was quite chilly and breezy so we dressed in layers and hoped the wind would be less of a factor within the park. By 11 am we were through the gates and into our adventure at Busch Gardens, a place where Craig and Dawn love to come regularly throughout the year. It had been many years since either of us had been to Busch Gardens and we could not remember much of anything about it. Craig and Dawn said it had changed so much we wouldn’t have recognized it anyway. We enjoyed the animals, the Christmas shows and other entertainment as well as a terrific meal and a fun ride around the park in the steam locomotive.
At about 5 pm we came by a stage that was just beginning its final performance of the day. Craig and Gale set out in search of some hot drinks while Dawn and Maureen found four seats together at the back of the outside seating area. We decided it was just too cold for us, so we opted to enjoy our hot chocolate inside the café and then set out for home. It was a great day shared with special people.

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LisaMarie said...

So great to see Craig and Dawn again- even virtually! Glad you had a chance to spend the day with both of them. It looks like you had a terrific outing even if it was cold. Love you!