Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

From 10 am to noon, we had a young man, Ben Russ, aboard the boat who was trying to help diagnose and repair the problem we’d been having with our WiFi connection. We had met Ben at Radio Shack a week or so ago when we stopped in to see if anyone there could give us a clue as to why the computer wasn’t working properly. Yesterday, we saw Ben at his second job at McDonalds and asked him if he would have time to stop by. After checking various settings and trying different things, Ben was as puzzled about it as we were. He didn’t think it was the computer, but rather something to do with the marina’s router and WiFi settings. Hopefully that is the case and everything will work fine at the next stop.

During the afternoon while Maureen updated the blog, Gale did some more of those little projects that make you feel like you accomplished something – he put together a safety bag that included all of our small pieces of safety equipment in one place and could be easily grabbed in case of an emergency; he also did a little more work on the mast cleat, the lower unit, and the insulation projects that he started yesterday. Gale was able to get a short workout in before we joined several others at 4 pm for a cocktail party sponsored by the marina where we met many of the Loopers who had come into the marina in the last few days.

After the gathering, we toured Russ and Cindy Varney’s Ladybug, a 40’ Mainship trawler. They invited us to go out to dinner with them and the couple they were traveling with but we declined since we already had our dinner planned at home. Just as we got back on our boat, it started raining heavily and continued for a couple of hours.

Higher than usual tides were predicted for tonight. The normal tide is less than two feet but with the approaching weather system and full moon, the tide could be as much as five feet.

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Mary said...

Gosh, it is a small town if you can meet up with the same guy twice AND get him to make a house-call!