Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another beautiful day in Florida! Skies were sunny, winds light, and temperatures forecast to reach 80°F in the afternoon. The first priority of the day was to find the laundromat and get that chore out of the way. We set off with our trusty cart and a bag full of clothing, sheets and towels, and when we were just outside the marina lot, Walt came by in the German guy’s Volkswagen and offered us a lift to the laundry.

We had our cart loaded up with clean clothes before noon, and began the one mile walk back to the marina. As we were passing a little coffee shop, Jess called on the cell phone to tell us that it had started to snow in Des Moines and they were expecting a major winter storm with 8 to 18 inches of snow and 45 mph winds. She was looking forward to tucking in all cozy and warm with her family at home while the snow fell and the wind blew.

Maureen and Jess talked for awhile as Gale went into the coffee shop and ordered a light lunch. After finishing our sandwich, we continued our walk to the marina and brought our laundry back to the boat. When the cart was empty, we grabbed it once again and went in search of the grocery store. It was another mile walk to the SavALot where we picked up a few of the items on our list. The store didn’t have everything we wanted, so we will be seeking out another grocery store in the next day or so.

By 5 pm, most of the groceries were stowed, we had taken our showers and checked out with the marina. We left the dock and motored a few hundred yards away to drop anchor near Walt and Diver Bill’s boats where we enjoyed a fantastic sunset on the bow of our boat.

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