Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

It was windy all night and started raining about 6 am. The forecast called for wind all day and storms late this afternoon and tonight. Yesterday the winds were out of the northeast changing to a strong south wind overnight. During the day, the wind was supposed to circle all the way around and be back out of the north northwest bringing colder temperatures with it.

Maureen talked to Jessica that morning and told her that we had decided to stay put for the day. The weather wasn’t good for traveling south so we were “hunkering down” and busying ourselves around the boat. Jess said it was “Kind of like a snow day!” Well, yes, kind of. Instead of hot chocolate, though, Gale made some fresh squeezed Florida orange juice for breakfast and it was heavenly! For most of the morning we had a good internet signal and Maureen was able to do a little posting to the blog while Gale read up on southern Florida and the Keys. Late in the afternoon, he and Lucy took the dinghy out to find somewhere to mail a card and to do some exploring around the area.

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