Friday, December 18, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

We slept well and woke to a warm and foggy morning. The fog burned off and the sun came through shortly after 9 am. Gale went up to the marina office to settle our bill and at 10 am, we were leaving Dunedin Municipal Marina. We motored out into the bay and dropped the hook ten minutes later in four feet of water. It wasn’t long before our friend, Diver Bill, came by in his dinghy to say “hello” and commented that we were “showing off” to be able to anchor in such shallow areas.

After lunch, Gale and Lucy went fishing. He caught two sand perch, six sea trout and one ladyfish by fishing in four feet of water over grass beds. He commented on how much fun it was to fish in such clear water where it was easy to see the fish strike the bait and watch the fight as he retrieved it back to the boat.

Gale also spent some time cleaning the hull of the boat. We brought Blue Heron in to even shallower water by pushing her along with the dinghy. Gale donned his wetsuit and simply walked around the boat with his cleaning sponge. Afterwards, we moved the boat back out into deeper water where we spent a very peaceful night.

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