Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010 – Masonboro Marina near Wilmington, NC

Josh, the mechanic, arrived shortly before 9:30 am to check the engine valves – routine maintenance only. He found that two of the four valves needed adjustment and had that task taken care of in about 25 minutes. At 10:30 am, Craig, the dockmaster, gave us a ride into town and dropped us off at the Super Walmart in Wilmington where Maureen started on the grocery list and Gale walked over to the nearby Radio Shack to take a look at their televisions. He ended up purchasing a 19-inch digital flat screen TV that would fit nicely atop our refrigerator. We gave Craig a call and he was back to pick us up and take us back to the marina before 1 pm.

By 4 pm, the staples were repackaged and stowed, the fruits and vegetables were cleaned, salads were prepared for the next five days and the meat was repackaged into serving-size portions. While Maureen started the laundry, Gale worked on boat chores. It is always so busy when we come into port!

Maureen had been craving pizza lately, so we had a Hawaiian pizza delivered to the dock around sunset and settled in to watch a movie on our new TV! It was hard to believe that we’d been without a television set for sixteen months.

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