Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010 – Bull Creek, SC (ICW mile 565.5)

At 8:45 am we had the anchor up and were waiting for the 9 am bridge opening. We cruised by L2S and spoke briefly with Todd to let him know we would look for them along the waterway and meet up at the anchorage later this afternoon. Todd and Gale were both hoping for some good fishing in Bull Creek.

Just before we arrived at the turn off into the creek, L2S passed us and led the way in. Both boats were anchored at 1:15 pm and after a quick lunch, Gale and Todd were in their dinghies and heading towards a small floating dock on shore. Within moments, the ladies could here whooping and hollering that made them believe the fish were biting! Todd caught a nice flounder right off the bat and Gale was into the redfish or red drum. It wasn’t looking like we would need the chicken and potatoes set aside for our evening meal. Gale brought home about eight nice-sized redfish.

Late in the afternoon, a local fisherman stopped by L2S to see if any of us would be interested in some nice fresh shrimp for $5 a pound. We ended up with two pounds of the biggest shrimp we’d ever seen! Gale pinched off the shrimp heads, filleted the fish and we washed and packaged our catch for later.

Imagine this meal: stuffed flounder, redfish fillets, and shrimp all caught today and grilled slowly on the back of the boat with a side of long-grain wild rice and a nice lettuce salad. Mmmmm…..

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