Friday, October 8, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - Hampton, VA


It was a glorious sunrise and a great day for traveling (unless you expected to sail). The sky was clear, the temperature was 58°F and there was no wind to start out. By the time we reached Hampton, Virginia, where we planned to anchor for the night, we had winds out of the west around 10 knots. The 45-mile cruise was a smooth one. We did put the mainsail up for awhile just to dry it out, but it didn’t really help us move along any faster. There were so many boats out traveling it looked like a mass exodus which, in a way, it probably was!

We arrived in Hampton and decided to throw the hook in front of Hampton University’s clocktower in about 3 feet of water just before 4 pm. We had just enough time to dinghy into Hampton Public Piers to get some information on bus routes and so Maureen could make an appointment at the nearby hair salon for tomorrow. Back at our anchorage shortly after 5 pm, we enjoyed looking at the lovely college campus with the fall colors and bright sunshine lighting up the background. The temperature only climbed up to about 68°F for the day so the evening was a bit chilly. Several small sailboats went out for a sail about an hour before sunset and it was fun to watch them tack back and forth.


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