Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It was a wonderful morning. We each took a long hot shower and then went for a walk around the marina. Shortly after 8 am, the local newspaper was delivered to our boat! What a nice touch! The updated weather forecast was still calling for increasing winds, high seas on the Gulf and rough inland waters. Since we came in after closing time last night, we had to check in with the marina staff this morning and found some wonderfully helpful folks at our service. We were ready to stay put for an extended period and decided that we would hang our hats here at the Port St. Joe Marina for at least three weeks. The rates were very reasonable and the weather seemed pretty nice with average daytime temperatures in the 70’s.

We did some laundry, picked up groceries and spent some time getting the boat in order. Then, Maureen was on the phone again with Dell – this time for assistance installing the hard drive. The installation went great – Hurray!! But, for some reason we could not get an internet connection – Boo!!

Late in the afternoon, we walked up to Movie Gallery to rent a flick and returned to the boat to enjoy tuna casserole. After dinner, we shared a slice of key lime pie that Gale had picked up at the Dockside CafĂ© on the marina grounds. He was told that the pie was made fresh here each day. We sat back then and watched a crummy movie with Ben Affleck and Russell Crowe. A day later as we’re writing this entry, we can’t even remember the name of it!

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