Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

It was six months ago today that we left Delaware City! My, How Time Flies!

At 7 am, the sky was sunny and the temperature was 55°F. Mid morning, Gale walked uptown to work on the “old” computer at the internet café and to do some yoga at the gym. Maureen met him at the coffee shop a little later and we had both computers going!

By mid afternoon we were both tired of looking at computer screens, so we packed up our bags and walked around town. We stopped at the Goodwill store looking for a blanket for Lucy. We also found the Fed Ex dropoff box and mailed the failed hard drive back to Dell. Other errands included returning our movies, picking up some milk and stopping at the big sporting goods store. It is always so great to have all the necessary merchants within walking distance of the boat!

While we were on our walkabout, Final Decision and Quotidian arrived. Gale ran into Maurice of Quotidian on the dock and learned that he had weathered the storm quite well at a marina with a floating dock. We said a brief hello to Terry on Final Decision and promised to catch up with them tomorrow since they had only pulled in ten minutes ago.

Gale and Lucy took the dinghy out on a little fishing expedition and brought back a small breem. It wasn’t enough for a meal but Gale cleaned it and promised to add more to the catch tomorrow or the next day. We also need to find out if it is a good fish to eat!

Maureen made dinner and we tried to stay up until 9 pm but didn’t quite make it. We should know better than to try to read in bed.

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LisaMarie said...

Happy 6 month anniversary! You've done a lot in that time - including getting me (and a lot of others) hooked on reading about your adventures!!

Love you!