Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We had started wondering about our decision to stay in Port St. Joe until after Thanksgiving. The nights and mornings had been rather chilly lately with temperatures in the 40’s. But, we still had a few projects that we wanted to get done before moving on and, usually, it did warm up enough in the afternoon that you didn’t need a jacket.

Maureen had been trying to figure out why the WiFi booster antenna hadn’t been picking up any signals since the hard drive crashed. In addition, we couldn’t seem to get it to work with the new computer and its Windows 7 operating system. Finally, Gale called Al, the guy we bought the antenna from, and he worked with Maureen for an hour or so before determining that he needed to do some additional research to try to help us out. We agreed to call back later tonight for follow up.

Our friends, Tim and Sandy, left for Thanksgiving with family in Texas today and gave us the keys to their red Mazda Miata for us to use while they were gone. Nice! Late in the afternoon we drove the 40 miles to Panama City to pick up a few items at Target, Office Depot and PetSmart. We were home about 7 pm and while Gale started getting dinner together, Maureen called Al to see if he could fix our antenna problem. Using a remote access program, we turned our PC over to Al while we enjoyed our dinner. Unfortunately, Al was unable to find the problem, but promised to obtain more information and get back to us next week.

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