Friday, November 20, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It’s time to change-up the routine! Maureen was now inspired to get back to some kind of fitness regimen and started with a long daily walk. Gale loves to walk, too, however, because of his back injury he can’t walk as fast or as long so while he works out, Maureen and Lucy will power walk. The “girls” found themselves walking about 4 or 5 miles through some areas that we hadn’t yet explored and they very much enjoyed being out in the fresh air and sunshine.

When we were checking out Barefoot Cottages on our bike ride the other day, Maureen admired the rental representative’s haircut and asked her if she got her hair done in Port St. Joe. She said that Lena from Donamelia’s does her hair and she just loves her! She is only 22, but she does an excellent job. Maureen had scheduled an appointment with Lena for today at 12:30 pm and she was excited to have her hair cut and colored. Here’s the New Look:

While Maureen was having her hair done, Gale took the computers to the coffee shop so he could catch up on some business that needed attention. He also wanted to view the blog and answer some emails. Maureen was home before he was and she busied herself with household chores. During the afternoon, Still Busy and Meander arrived at the marina. We had heard them on the marine radio a couple of days ago so we knew they were in the area. Jack and Pia aboard Still Busy are probably our “oldest” Looper friends that we continue to run into. We met them first way back on the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty before Memorial Day 2009.

Gale shut the computer down and left the coffee shop just before 5:30 pm as the sun was setting. He was ready for a break!


ME Hanley said...

Looks good Mo! A girl needs that a new "do" now and then. I like the color! Duane opened the bridge today!!! Now he is taking next week off, about time! Love-ya ME

Maureen said...

Love the hair cut, makes you look yiounger , not that you looked old just looks good

Jessica said...

WooHoo, hot momma!! I love it so much! We might now be accused of being sisters, we look so much alike! I'll take it as a compliment! I love you and miss you every minute of every day, Mom!!