Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It was overcast and looking a little like rain when we got up. We spent the morning straightening up around the boat and getting ready for our guests.

Just before noon, Lisa, Kim and Tim were at our door and ready to take a ride out into the Gulf for their ceremony. Lisa was from Georgia and was her father’s primary caregiver; her sister, Kim, was from Seattle and was here with her boyfriend, Tim. Kim and Lisa’s father succumbed to cancer a couple of weeks ago. He had been in the Merchant Marines and was particularly fond of the Gulf waters. The girls believed their father would want to have his ashes scattered over the Gulf but they were not sure exactly where they should go to do this. When they saw Port St. Joe on the map, they both felt that it was the right place since their father’s name was Joe.

The skies got a little brighter in the afternoon, although we didn’t see much of the sun. Once our passengers were settled on the boat and we were out of the marina’s harbor, we all toasted to new friends and happy times. Soon, the sisters were ready to pay tribute to their father and the two of them went out on the bow to say “Goodbye” one more time and scatter their dad’s ashes over the water.

We enjoyed the next hour or so visiting with our guests and snacking on bread, cheese, apples, grapes, nuts and wine. Lisa and Kim had massages scheduled for 2:30 pm and Tim was planning to do some alligator hunting in the afternoon so we returned to port in time for their appointments. The three of them were staying at the Port Inn Hotel where they said they would be in the hotel bar, The Thirsty Goat, that evening about 7 pm,
if we would like to stop by and share a drink with them. We were about 25 minutes late getting to the bar, and discovered there was a “mayoral election” in progress. Evidently, the bar elects a new “mayor” each year so it was quite busy with young adults. The bartender said we had missed our friends who had been at the bar earlier so we each had a drink and enjoyed the “Taco Tuesday” hors d’oeuvres before walking back home for the night.

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Mary said...

Man, you guys are just the nicest people!