Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thurs, Jan 28, 2010 - Marco Island, FL

The sky was clear and the temperature nearly 60°F when we pulled the anchor up at 8:30 am and headed out into the Gulf. It was another very relaxing travel day where we took advantage of the time to read, rest and enjoy the pleasant temperatures (mid 70’s).

We arrived at Marco Island around 4 pm and had secured the boat near marker G15 by 4:20 pm. Gale and Lucy went out in the dinghy for about an hour to see if they could catch some fish, but the only thing biting were catfish. After the fishing expedition, we watched the sun set, the moon rise and the lights come on in the harbor.

Gale made a couple of his “famous” boiled omelets for dinner which we enjoyed with some toast. The food was good, but neither of us slept very well that night. We wondered if there might have been some preservative in the “Egg Beaters” that didn’t agree with us.

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LisaMarie said...

We were just talking about Gale's boiled omelets this weekend! Yummmmmy!!