Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wed, Jan 27, 2010 - Ft Myers Beach, FL

It was a beautiful morning for a sail. We left ‘Tween Waters shortly after 9 am and took the inside route to Ft Myers Beach. We sailed and motorsailed the now familiar twenty mile stretch simply relaxing and enjoying the day. We anchored right off the channel just east of the Ft Myers Beach mooring fields near several derelict boats. Before heading out in the dinghy to the Publix grocery store, Gale called Lucy’s vet clinic to see if her paperwork for the Bahamas had been completed. They were going to check on things and get back to us.

It was a smooth ride in the dinghy over to Snook Bight Marina’s dock where we tied up and went ashore. Maureen headed directly to the grocery store while Gale stayed at the marina to do some checking on slip fees and accommodations. When Maureen returned with the loaded grocery cart, she was greeted by Gale and five retired Chicago police officers who had met in Ft Myers Beach for a few days of fishing and fellowship. They were wondering just what kind of a woman could live with her husband for nine months on a sailboat!

As we were loading the dinghy for the trip back, we received a call from Lee at the vet clinic informing us that all the necessary Bahamian paperwork was completed and ready for us to pick up. Fortunately the clinic was open until 7 pm this evening which gave Gale enough time to drop Maureen and the groceries off, pick up Lucy, head to the Matanzas Inn dinghy dock, call a taxi, pick up the documents and return to the boat by 6 pm! Phew! We do seem to get a lot done in a day’s time!

We enjoyed a wonderful sunset, a nice dinner, and a restful night.

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