Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We were up and moving at 3:45 am and out the door and on the road by 4:10 am. Our plan was to get back to the marina before the noon checkout time and move the boat to a safe anchorage for the night. We did make it back by 11 am and found some very windy and rough conditions at the marina. We unloaded the car and as we did so, it seemed that the winds were increasing rather than decreasing. It was then that we decided to stay in the slip another night. Since we still had the car, we did our grocery shopping for the week. At 5:30 pm, we walked over to V Dock where Houlegan was slipped, to share happy hour with our Looper friends, Ray and Caryl. We enjoyed swapping stories and getting to know this couple a little bit more. Back on the boat at 7:30, we fried up some hamburgers on the stove since it was too windy to keep the grill going. It wasn’t long after that we were both in bed. Neither of us had any difficulty sleeping through the night.

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MEHanley said...

Hi from the Hanley's. Sorry there wasn't time to meet up while you were home for your quick visit. I tried to stop after work Friday but I see you were both running errands. What a great adventure you are sharing with all of us! Love-ya! ME & the boys :)