Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It was another warm sunny day so we chose to linger and enjoy the morning. We pulled Blue Heron along the Wilmette inlet wall and let Lucy play with some dogs on the adjacent dog beach. This beach had been designated as a place where pet owners could bring their dogs to swim, play in the sand and just have a good old fashioned free-for-all. The inlet to Wilmette harbor is very interesting. Sometime in the 1950’s they had taken several river barges, placed them end for end, filled them with large riprap and sunk them to form a breakwater. We actually tied the boat to the cleats of an old sunken barge. Here we met several people who all had their usual questions regarding our adventure aboard Blue Heron. It’s always fun sharing information with others who someday would like to sail to the places we have been.

By 11 am, it was time to leave Wilmette and sail the final 12 miles to Chicago harbor. The wind was out of the south so we decided to motor and view the scenery along the shoreline. Once in Chicago Harbor we rented a mooring ball in Monroe Harbor for the night. Monroe Harbor is on Lake Shore Drive next to Grant Park and near Navy Pier and offers 1200 mooring balls which are occupied by sailboats and motor boats of all kinds. The view from our mooring buoy was magnificent but the mooring field was much too congested for our liking. We contacted another marina, DuSable Harbor, next to Navy Pier and booked a slip at Chicago’s newest marina for the weekend. By renting a slip instead of a mooring ball, we will not need to take our dinghy or a water taxi to get shoreside.

Tonight we were in some of the worst thunderstorms that we have encountered so far; however, we were quite safe and we enjoyed the rain and the beautiful sights of the clouds and lightning passing over and around the Chicago skyline.

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